First house astrology chart

The 1st house cusp is the eastern-most point and the 7th is the western-most point. The 1st house affects the appearance and the personality, as it is perceived by the outside world.

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The rising sign is the degree and sign that marks the cusp of the 1st house and coincides with the first independent breath we take. The Ascendant and 1st house symbolize the process of beginning and initiation.

First House: The House Of Self

Planets here will be easily visible to the world and we will use great energy in the expression of those planets. The Ascendant colors our view of the world; it shows how we meet life. The 2nd house is the house of values and possessions. It determines ones level of self-esteem and also indicates personal talents and abilities.

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  6. Our relationship to money and possessions as well as our attitude towards them can be understood from studying this house. Lastly, this house represents what we hope to gain in life — what we desire. The 3rd house has to do with siblings, neighbors, youth, early school experiences and relationships with those who live nearby. Perhaps the most significant meaning of this house is communication — it tells us about every aspect of communication and all mental pursuits.

    This is also the house having to do with short distance travel. Keywords to this house include growth and exploration. The 4th house rules home, family, roots and the end of all matters. Ancestors, heritage and parents — particularly the nurturing parent, usually mother, are represented by this house.

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    It is called the house of the soul and the sign on the cusp of this house as well as any planets here can help us understand the qualities and elements of ourselves we keep guarded. The 5th house is the house of romance, sex, conception, children, creativity, self-expression and risks.

    A good astrologer or birth chart calculator is a must if you wish to create and interpret an accurate astrology birth chart. Your astrology birth chart comprises three basic components that share information about you and your life. You might have heard of your Sun sign. But, do you know you hold three signs?

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    • This Houses In Astrology Chart Will Help You Understand What They Mean IRL.

    Astrologers use Primal triad to determine the personality, traits, first impression, feelings, habits and outward appearance of the native. Here is a glimpse of the elements of the Primal Triad and their significance.

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    Sun Sign: Your sun sign is the zodiac sign where the Sun was present at the time of your birth. It signifies your personality and shares the traits you own. With an easy guide to astrology signs , you may explore your qualities and improve your personality.

    Moon Sign: Your Moon sign is the sign where the Moon is placed at the time of your birth. It reveals your inner personality and tells about your inner feelings, mindset, and perspective for the people around you. Ascendant Sign: Ascendant sign or Rising sign is the sign placed in the first house of your astrology chart.

    Houses of the Horoscope

    It is the sign that rises on the easternmost horizon at your birth time. Astrologers examine your Ascendant sign to reveal your outer expression, reactions on the situation and perception of people about you. Read on to know more about the planets, their positions in the birth chart and how planets influence your life. According to Astrology, planets have deep influence over the lives of people. Each planet rules over a certain aspect and shares particular energy with you. Here is the list of planets and the area they influence:.

    The Sun- self-expression 2. The Moon- emotions and inner conscious 3.

    The First House | Jessica Adams

    Mercury- thoughts, communication, and journey 4. Venus- beauty, money and earthly desires 5. Mars- drives, career ambitions, and passion 6. Jupiter- generosity, intellect, and wisdom 7. Saturn- limitations and self-sacrifice 8. Uranus- gifted potential and radical thoughts 9. Neptune- spirituality, creativity, and inspiration Pluto- transformation, inner power, and changes. Personal Planets: Known as fast-moving, these planets travel faster between Sun signs and have a direct impact over you. Out of which the Moon makes the fastest and Mars makes the slowest transition.

    Social Planets: Also known as transpersonal planets, the social planets transits between personal and collective planets.

    12 Astrological Houses – Astrology Lesson 4

    The two social planets are- Jupiter and Saturn. Collective Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the collective planets. These planets are the slow-moving planets that may take 12 to 49 years to come to the same position in the natal chart.

    Sun In the First House of Astrology Birth Chart (sun in the 1st house)

    The transition of planets is studied with the help of astrological houses. With the help of houses, you may easily figure out the possibilities and explore the various opportunities and shortcomings you may face in the future.