Globe and mail horoscope for december 22 2019

There is no such word as "cannot" in the Capricorn vocabulary, so dream your dreams, then turn them into realities. Focus on the good things in life and pretend that the bad things do not exist. The planets warn if you allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind today and over the weekend they may get stuck there and prove impossible to. Try not to attach too much significance to issues that are most likely of only minor importance. The best way to make that happen is to become emotionally detached from them.

Never let events in the world define who you are inside.

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No matter which way you turn of late you seem to be coming up against people of a pushy disposition. You could easily come down to their level and start pushing back but that would be a mistake. You must maintain the moral high ground.

Daily Horoscope August 22nd 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

Follow your instincts over the next 24 hours, even if they lead you in directions that seem a bit dark. The planets indicate it will be your job to bring light to these places, through the strength of your intellect and the goodness of your heart. It would be wise to keep your feelings to yourself today, especially if they are the kind of feelings that other people might find hard to understand. You are under no obligation to explain your thoughts or actions to those with lesser minds.

Virgo is by nature a cautious sign and that trait will benefit you over the next 24 hours. The less other people know about what you are up to the better it will be for you, not least because you won't have to waste time dealing with their doubts. No matter how turbulent things get over the next few days you will sail through it all with the utmost serenity. The more others complain about the unfairness of the world the more you will show them how silly and self-defeating negativity can be.

Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing and the planets warn you will need to curb your appetites today and over the weekend.

Your daily horoscope: May 16

Whatever it is you choose to indulge in don't take it so far that it starts to possess you. You don't have to be unduly suspicious today but you do have to keep an eye on people you are working with who have a tendency to slack off at times. Crack the whip if you have to. Don't let their laziness damage your reputation. Although you now have a better understanding of recent events there is still a lot going on behind the scenes, so it might be wise not to up the tempo just yet.

Don't try to force events, just react to them quickly and decisively. Be careful what kind of information you put out into the world over the next 24 hours, because if you offer too much it could cost you further down the line. Unless others have a right to be told you should keep what you know to yourself.

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