Jupiter square saturn vedic astrology

My jupiter is in retrograde in scorpio, trine saturn in pisces.

He always stated empirical evidence when presenting for peer review which is perhaps part of the Saturn Jupiter trine. This aspect is happening now. Jup in H12 trining Sat H4 in my chart. Taking some steps forward in a long held secret dream. Interestingly, the Mars ingress to Libra supports this endeavour as I will be commuting by train several times a week if this works out. Very nervous and excited to make this small effort. I fully expect to have a completely different life come August. I was just discussing Carl Jung! This must be synchronicity!

I have used this aspect on my site under the Jupiter Saturn Aspects! Thanks so much for the update! My son has it natally, and I will go with him, so that he faces treating Sacred Plant badly with a lawyer, of course…. I will try to save in order to get their readings, though his career is so expensive materials and more materials in Architorture. Jupiter square Saturn in the Transit Chart. Jupiter square Saturn in the Composite Chart.

Jupiter – Saturn Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition

Jupiter square Saturn in the Solar Return Chart. Name required. Email required. Click here to cancel reply.

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The Astrologer. I gain much and horizons expand because of sharing expenses with others, providing great benefits Jupiter as long as I live simply and pay attention to details of expenditures. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune square Saturn. In a nutshell. Money dwindles but for good cause for a responsible project to secure long term investment. Also surgeries to fix issues that will help my body more in future, another investment for long term gain.

I feel like a fixer upper and am grateful I have the resources needed even though it requires immediate discipline and sacrifice. Then, back to resolving my debt. A year of frugality, faith and discipline with attention to detail. Great interpretation VS. I also have moon at 11 Virgo, making good money but like you, it goes quickly but on worthwhile things. Been concentrating on being healthy because of Moon conjunct fixed star Zosma.

Venus enters Sagittarius

I have Jupiter at 29 degrees Leo 12th square Saturn at 26 degrees Scorpio 3rd natally, and, I can attest to the challenge which I have felt my entire life. Jaimie, I do have times when I think I can do anything and then when I think about the practice of it, I loose my nerve.

Like a see saw. How are these two discordant energies rectified and another question is when are Jupiter and Saturn square eachother again. Thank you for the reply. This aspect occurs about every decade, the next one from August to June I added a little listy at the bottom of the article so thanks for asking Antoinette. One way you could look at this is to see what planets is stronger in your chart and focus on that.

Natal Jupiter Square Saturn ~ Lacking inner conviction

With no fixed stars on your Saturn, and with Jupiter conjunct fixed star Regulus , your Jupiter overpowers your Saturn. I would focus on growth and optimism while still remembering the patience and caution of Saturn. I really feel like I can do anything and then something causes me to not go for it. I am ready to take charge and bulldoze over everything that gets in my way.

It is Saturn square Neptune affecting you more so than this transit, with: Saturn opposite Sun transit from jan to Sep Neptune square Sun transit Apr to Feb Moreover I will be travelling in the entire month of August 7 to September 18th. While Saturn and Jupiter square, I wonder if it will affect my travel and if you have any sagely advice for me. Thanks and much continuing success. In fact, you can look forward to Jupiter sextile Sun transit for a few weeks, exact on September 9. Thanks for shedding such light, Jaimie. I usually use the free transit report on cafe astrology website and they forecasted that the aspect Saturn squaring my natal Jupiter from July till September Thanks and much continued success.

Jupiter Square Saturn Transit

After looking my own chart aspects for the first ever time this year, aged 60, guess what? Horrible cold and deprived childhood, bang on. Yes mine has been a little life and I have finally given in, just tired of trying. I wish I had known this 30 years ago, then I could have stopped trying to push you knowwhat uphill.!!!

And, to top everything, our UK government took 6 years from our State Pension, just more feelings of worthlessness. I probably guess that this aspect does rule your life. So, Thanks up there. A tropical ephemeris is 30 degrees out. Thank you for bring this to my attention. How will this transit affect me.

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Also, do you do natal chart analysis or 1 on 1 coaching? Tropical is best for my readers to understand in the USA and other Western countries. But Sidereal is more accurate, especially for transits. So I use the Tropical zodiac but correct for precession at the rate of one degree every 72 years.

And for astrological influence, I use the fixed stars instead of the Sun Signs. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. June 10, October 9, Jamie Partridge.